Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home (#2)

By: Paul McDaniel

Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home (#2)

Tags: Buying, Home Inspection, Contract of Purchase and Sale, Asking Price, Market Value, Neighbourhood, Home Insurance, Negotiation

2. Allowing 'First Impressions' to Overly Influence Your Decision

The first impression a buyer has of a home has been named as the single most influential factor guiding them in their choice to purchase. Ensure you make a conscious effort to examine a house as objectively as you can. Do not let the current owner's style or lifestyle impact your judgement to a positive or negative effect. For example, you may find that beneath the bad decor or messy rooms, a home may actually suit your needs and offer you a structurally sound basis with which to work. On the other hand, don't decide to purchase a home simply because the walls are painted your favourite colour. Make sure you thoroughly check out the home and the structure beneath the paint before you make a serious decision to purchase a home.

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