12 Steps to Finding Your Dream Home
  1. Getting Pre-approved for a Mortgage
This should be your first priority. When you are pre-approved for a mortgage you have the ability to react promptly when you find your dream home and know how much you can comfortably afford.
  1. Analyzing your Needs in a Buyer Consultation
We will discuss all of your needs wants and desires for your dream home. Your criteria will be uesd when I choose homes for you to consider. In some cases, my clients find their dream home on the first day. In other cases, it takes more time to find the right home. Rest assured, there is a home out there that is the right size home which fits you and your life. We just have to find it.
  1. Searching for Homes
I will do all the work. I have access to leading-edge technology which allows me to find all the homes that meet your needs. To assist you in the home search journey, I will organize a list of homes showing you the following information:
  1. Viewing Homes
Once we narrow down the list of properties that you are interested in, I will preview these homes to ensure that I only show you properties that meet your criteria. We will tour homes and neighbourhoods together and we will discuss what you like and dislike about each property that we view.
  1. Re-Assessing Your Needs and Wants
After we have seen a few homes you may decide that you want to re-assess what you need. We will make the adjustments to our search and then only show you properties that meet your new criteria. I will continue to work with you until we find you a home that is right for you.
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